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20 марта 2017, 19:15

Genius Magnetic Pedals Keep Your Bike Upright While Parked

A kickstand will keep your bike standing up… well, most of the time, anyway. If you like to keep your bike streamlined and minimal, kickstands probably aren’t your cup of tea. You may also be the kind of person who doesn’t like coming back to your bike in a rack to see that its paint job has been marred because it tipped over.

Sumchi Wu has your back. He’s not just your average cyclist, he also likes to do what he can to improve the status quo by designing accessories and offering them through his company Digirit. His latest brainstorm: magnetic pedals that keep your bike vertical when you park it. Provided it’s leaned up against something attractive, like a steel sign post or bike rack, naturally.

They’re called Pedal Park, and apart from the super-strong magnets they pack they’re fairly standard-issue pedals. Two styles are being offered: one made of plastic, suitable for kids and adult commuter bikes, and another made of aluminum for cyclists who demand a bit more durable.


As is usually the case, you do pay extra for the clever functionality. Contribute to the Indiegogo campaign and the basic plastic pedals will set you back $30. It’s roughly double what you might pay for more standard-issue pedals from Amazon, but you do get a handy bonus. Digirit will throw in a pair of small, metal parking signs that you can affix anywhere you want to be able to park your bike.

Genius Magnetic Pedals Keep Your Bike Upright While Parked

Source: http://www.geek.com/tech/genius-magnetic-pedals-keep-your-bike-upright-while-parked-1693009/?source